Eloise Vivanco

ELT and CLIL Materials Development

Are you looking for a writer who…

  • can write CLIL and EFL materials for young and very young learners?
  • has over ten years of coursebook writing experience?
  • has extensive classroom experience with young and very young learners?
  • can follow a brief and add their own ideas when asked?
  • can write clear and detailed art and photo briefs?
  • can use Google Docs, Dropbox or other file sharing apps to work efficiently on a project?
  • has experience training teachers at international schools to integrate language into their content lessons?
  • is a teacher trainer and therefore still up to date with what is happening inside the classroom?
  • has worked on a series of books nominated for an ELTON award?
  • has a flexible attitude
    doesn’t miss deadlines?
  • has lots of creative ideas which really work in the classroom?
  • knows a lot about second language acquisition theories and how children learn and applies this to materials development?
  • keeps up to date with what experts are saying about DEI in coursebook writing and applies it?

If so, then I would love to help you!


I’ve worked with Eloise on several digital projects. One of those was content creation for a very popular, low-level English language MOOC for Arabic speakers which I was managing. Apart from quickly getting to grips with the potential of the new software we were using, Eloise was always timely in what she did, and very easy to work with – as she was in the other projects we worked on.

Rob Lewis

Freelance ELT project manager

I commissioned Eloise to write a pre-primary and primary series for ELL in China. She was highly creative in developing engaging material which followed a syllabus and was able to create appealing stories for the narrative components of the projects. Eloise was able grasp the project briefs quickly due to her broad experience writing for young learners, and her work was always completed to schedule. On a personal note, Eloise is a pleasure to deal with, and her personal and professional experience were excellent additions to these projects.

Lindsay Ruggles

Freelance ELT Project Manager and Commissioning Editor

I have had the privilege of working with Eloise on various ELT and ESL projects, both in Mexico and the United States. Eloise is a very creative person, very professional, and very committed to every project in which she gets involved. The quality of her work is excellent, and her deliveries are always timely. In addition, Eloise is a great person, with a diverse cultural background that contributes in a very positive way to the content she develops.

María Oralia Martínez

Director of ELT, ESL and SLA Content Development, Spring Learning LLC

Why it’s important to have a specialist on board!

Not just anyone can write a coursebook. A specialist will save you time, money and tears (!) as you can be sure of a quality product from the beginning with the minimum of fuss.

After many years of experience teaching children, and battling with course books, I know what works and what doesn’t with YLs. I am skilled at writing creative and fun materials and I specialise in CLIL, so I can write engaging content for language learners, or primary-level content for learners in bilingual schools. I can help you with the writing of most components of a successful coursebook including students’ books, teacher’s guides, activity books, phonics materials, readers, online practice materials and practice exams.

Have a look at some of the projects I’ve been involved in on my Publications page.